LyriBox is a brilliant idea and will very soon become an indispensable tool for singers, especially for young students and for beginners. I wish it had been around when I was building my repertoire and I’m delighted to have such a clever resource available for my students now! – © Raphaëlle Photography

Sarah Walker CBE International mezzo-soprano

This is a brilliant resource for all young singers. Self-reliance is the most valuable asset for any performer, and this provides all the elements necessary to learn for themselves notes, text, correct pronunciation, and in due time to explore as wide a repertoire as possible. Welcome to Lyribox! – © Maximilan Fuhrig 

Roger VignolesInternational piano accompanist

A compendium of useful information for singers of all ages! So much to explore – the brilliantly clear and rhythmic pronunciation of Se vuol ballare is immediately impressive….. – © John Reddihough

Dame Felicity Lott International soprano

The chance for young singers to have all the facilities of a language coach and an accompanist to learn the basics of the song repertoire is invaluable and leaves them free, once the notes and the basic language is already learnt, to spend their money on tuition. Brilliant!

Malcolm Martineau International piano accompanist

I think this is a really clever idea and a very useful tool, particularly for undergraduate singing students. In one click, all your homework is done for you. You lucky students! – © Peter Warren

Sarah Connolly CBEInternational mezzo-soprano

What a terrific idea! It gives singers the chance to work at their own pace, wherever and whenever they choose. So much information, so easy to access, is a godsend. I wish Lyribox all the very best for its future. – © TallWall Media

Iain burnside International piano accompanist

This website is a fantastic idea to enable singers to prepare their new repertoire more thoroughly before they take it to a teacher or a coach. It is time consuming to make translations and transliterations of songs and arias – I have spent long frustrating hours getting nowhere quickly! With this new tool students, professional singers, repetiteurs and accompanists can start learning alone, enabling them to make more productive use of time with their teachers and coaches. Katherine Broderick – © Paul Foster-Williams

Katherine BroderickSoprano, winner of the 2007 Kathleen Ferrier Award